We do custom fabrication, modification and programming. Above: "House of Cards"

We provide complete vintage and current telephone systems. Above: "Gotham"

Photo above shows phone system fabricated for "Mr. Robot." A saboteur hacker does something terrible to the phone system.

Our Story

TelephoneProps.com is part of AbleComm,
"the telecom department store." 
  • We've been in business since 1977, and are known for good advice, good prices and great phones.
  • Our customers range from homeowners and entrepreneurs to major corporations, government agencies and the military.
  • We ship worldwide. "Ground" shipping is free for most products -- to all 50 states.
  • No sales tax is collected unless you are in Connecticut.
  • We accept major credit cards and Paypal or you can send a check in advance.
  • We offer secure online ordering from multiple websites, or you can call us at 1.203.878.8383.
  • We're open from 9am until 6pm, Eastern Time, Monday though Thursday. We close at 5 on Friday.
  • We provide a huge variety of telecommunications equipment, from more than a dozen websites.
online stores
  • AbleComm.com is our biggest site, the "telecom department store." It has more information about Panasonic phone products than any other site on the Web, and also includes many products from other manufacturers. It's so good, that it's been plagiarized over 100 times by competitors. It has the highest-possible FIVE STAR rating from Yahoo, and has won Mallpark's Top Vendor Award, the Top Shopping Site Award from the All-Internet Shopping Directory, and the Best Shopping Site Award from Buy-Zone. PC Magazine calls it an"Indispensable site." Communications Convergence magazine said the site is a "Good source for information;" and both Teleconnect and Popular Home Automation magazines consider it their "Favorite" telecom website.
  • FrillFreePhones.com sells basic desk and wall phones, going back to the 1950s. There are also some old Bell System ads that you might enjoy, plus parts and advice.
  • RedHotPhones.com has a huge selection of "hotline" and heavy-duty phones for emergencies and information, for government, business and institutional use. We also have phones for people who just like the color red.
  • BatPhones.net sells classic and updated Batphones and accessories to make talking more fun.
  • CordsForPhones.com is sort of a "lite" version of our famous, beloved, discontinued PhoneGeeks.com, with phone cords and other telecom supplies and tools for offices and homes with people  who have no particular technical interest, knowledge or experience.


Photo above shows Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon with one of our phones in "Gotham."

We have a large inventory of novelty, specialized and decorator phones, both vintage and current.

Photo at left shows a Cisco phone we modified for the third season of "House of Cards." A stagehand can use the control box to activate the lights on the phone.

We Ship Worldwide.


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